This is for me, and it feels good

I’m new to the blogosphere and a realization of the upkeep it takes to maintain a popular blog just crashed over me. It seems like such a consuming pastime! Granted, if you’ve become a professional blogger, congratulations! I’m not at all saying it doesn’t hold value.

However, for a full time college student like me, updating with an intriguing piece every week seems like a bit much, especially when there’s pressure to keep pace with other bloggers who really know what they’re doing – like mastering the art of popping out catchy titles every few days.

When I started this blog, it wasn’t with the intention to get followers or to share my feelings with strangers. I wanted a free place to express myself when I feel like it, learn more about blogs because I’m an advertising and public relations major, and develop my writing style.

After surfing the blogosphere some more, I am blown away by the time and effort people put into these posts.

To clarify, I’m not knocking bloggers at all. I recognize the value of what they’re doing, but staying up to date with what cute featured images to use and how to recycle the same concepts over and over while somehow keeping them fresh is exhausting to me. Yes, there is a lot of what I just described in store for my future career, but the difference is, that will be my career. 

If I were to do all that on my blog, I’d be doing it solely for the benefit of other people, not myself, and that corrupts the therapeutic foundation on which I made this decision. If this place turns into something that a few people enjoy reading, then great! But I’m not in it for that.

When I go somewhere worth writing about or am inspired by something, I’ll write about it. I’ll do it how I want, when I want because this is a place where everything I say goes.

If you’re reading this and enjoying it, thank you so much for your time, I honestly appreciate it. On the flip side, if no one ever reads this, I’m happy with that too. This is for me, and it feels good.